Who Is Alaina Marie Mathers| Her Biography

Alaina Marie Mathers is an adopted daughter of the king of rap (Eminem). She was born in the United States of America in 1993 on 3 May. She is an American Personality and she got fame after getting adopted by Eminem. She maintained a low personality, a low profile and till now does not hold an account.

Her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott and is the daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife sister. She was adopted by Eminem after her mother became addicted to drugs.

Her Real Parent Status

Alaina Marie Mather’s biological father is anonymous. And her mother died in 2016 because of excessive use of drugs.

Relation Of Eminem

Who Is Alaina Marie Mathers| Her Biography

Technically, Alaina is the niece of Eminem. She used to call him Uncle even after adoption. Both of them have very friendly terms. Even sometimes, Eminem has mentioned her in his songs. And even Aliana has always praised him whenever she got a chance to talk about him.

Personal Life

Alaina Marie Mathers is among those personalities who have maintained a very personal life. She gracefully managed to stay away from the limelight of the industry and media. And she also doesn’t have any social media account till now. So her relationship status is very vague. Even no rumors have surfaced yet regarding her relationship.

Who Is Alaina Marie Mathers| Her Biography

Source Of Income

Till now, she has shown zero interest in the industry. And according to recent reports, she does not hold any job. So, it is believed that she gets money from her father on a daily basis.  


She completed her graduation from the University of Oakland in 2016. And her specialization is in the field of public relations. She is very concerned about her studies and wants to stand on her feet soon.


The nickname of Aliana Marie Mathers is Lainey. And it was mentioned in Eminem’s song i.e. mocking bird.

Net Worth

According to recent reports, her net worth is over $500,000, which she earned through diverse endeavors.

Alaina’s Two Sisters

Eminem has tried his best to bring back Aliana’s addicted mother to normal life. But all his efforts went in vain. So, after all his efforts went in vain Eminem took a big decision. And adopted Alaina and took her out of the miserable life.

Who Is Alaina Marie Mathers| Her Biography

Eminem raised Aliana along with his biological daughter. And she was warmly welcomed in  Eminem’s family. The story does not end here despite her he also has adopted Whitney Scott. So, technically Aliana has two sisters and a twin brother.

Alaina Marie Marther’s twin brother was born mentally and physically abnormal. And this happened because her biological mother used drugs even during her pregnancy.

Aliana and Eminem Professional Line

The recent researches suggest that it is evident that she will not jump her father’s shoe. As Aliana Marie Mather has no interest in the showbiz line. And till now she has not made any decision regarding her professional line. But whatsoever, the decision she will make Eminem will for sure support her.


In the bird’s eye view, after a difficult childhood, she is now living a contented life.

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