What Is Overbite Correction & How To Fix It?


Everyone likes clean and perfect smiles. People with well-aligned teeth have an indefinite blessing. However, not everyone is gifted with impeccable teeth. Many people are either born with or later in their life experience malocclusions, which are a category of malfunctioned teeth alignment. One type of this is an overbite. It is the most common out of all sorts and many people suffer from it. Before we go any further, you need to know that it is not necessarily a disease and people with overbites are still as beautiful as other people. Therefore, if you or anyone you know has an overbite there is nothing to be ashamed of.

overbite before and after
overbite before and after

But if you can get rid of it, you must. Because if it is not hereditary, an overbite may be hazardous and can lead to severe health diseases that may become lethal. So what is an overbite? You must have come across people who have their upper teeth protruded over the lower ones. This is called an overbite and it can either be vertical or horizontal. In both cases, a gap occurs between the upper and lower teeth and they are not aligned accurately.

What causes an overbite?

70-80% of the cases are due to genetic predispositions. However, other causes lead to overbites, crossbites, underbites and many other malocclusions. These can either be due to over grinding of teeth or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. People grind their teeth because of stress or out of habit and don’t realize that it results in an overbite.

overbite and deepbite
overbite and deepbite

how to do overbite Correction

The scale of treatments varies depending on the age of the patient. Like many other health problems, if overbite is caught at an early age, fixing it becomes easy. However, treating overbite after teenage is quite controversial and difficult. This is because the human body is usually still developing in the early and teenage. And at this stage modifying the body is comparatively trouble-free.

Fixes for children

Normally dentists refer overbite’s patients to orthodontists as they are better with handling these cases. The easiest way of treating it is crowding of teeth. It may be a bit painful at first but provides the permanent treatment. Likewise, doctors remove the baby teeth that are not aligned properly and let the permanent teeth grow in the right position. This cannot be done with adults as they don’t have baby teeth.

overbite correction
overbite correction

Other probable fixes include using a growth modification tool. Thanks to biotechnology, doctors can now reposition the jaw using different devices. Braces and retainers, which are post-braces treatment, are also used to keep the teeth of children in place.

For adults

You cannot crowd or remove teeth in the mouth of adults.

Because if you do so, no new tooth will regrow in the gap. However, braces are an ideal option for adults’ treatment. It is quite painful and that is why is not recommended for children. Also, braces can lead to allergies in some people and must carefully be applied. If the person has a severe case of an overbite, orthodontists go for surgery or teeth removal as a last resort.