What Type of Video Content People Like on Social Media in 2021

Over time, social media has become the backbone for marketers. It plays a vital role in the daily routine and lives. Social media have strengthened over time as the interaction pattern changed. Not only this but also the content consumption patterns have also grown. So, for marketers to engage potential customers social media act as a key channel. But because of the top competition and saturation among online content, it is an arduous task to stand out among the crowd. It is to no surprise that social media trends are altering, developing, and growing every day.

Before heading towards the 2021 trends, let’s discuss 2020 trends that include Instagram shops, UGC, activism, TikTok explosion, and many more. So, if you want to remain one step forward from the game of social media then, you need to be on the top trend by the storm of your social media. I enlisted a few 2020 trends experts predicts that let’s discuss them.

  • Short-form video

Short-form video has become the staple of social media because of the quick-fix nature of social media. The transfer of various well-known brands to TikTok for their promotion and you can predict this involves short-form video. Moreover, short-form videos are easy to watch and make, and the YT video views also amplify.

  • Social commerce

The usage of social media platforms to drive purchases e-commerce is what we called social commerce. As the corona pandemic has loudly predicted that social commerce will be the top trend in 2021. You can also predict this by a sudden shift of various top brands to social media to sell their products by observing a surge in online shopping.

  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality has dramatically covered all the aspects of social media and has become a new rising trend in the world of social media. Augmented reality converts the actual world to a virtual world to amplify life experiences. Over time, AR filter demand has been increased, especially in the global crisis scene. Now even any brand, shop, influencer, business can easily create their filter, others can use it.

  • Personalized marketing

Social media is now full of various businesses that made people to consume content selectively. Brands and businesses have started the personalization scheme to impress and enhance their social media targeted consumers. And this factor also made them stand out in the crowd of other brands and also increase the likes and subscribers ratio.

  • Going Live

From the past one year, going live has increased social media engagement rapidly as the YouTube views increase at a swifter rate than by just uploading a video. This scheme has been used by various top-notch brands to amplify their marketing.  The reason behind its popularity is the many engagements and interactions that it creates. And during the corona pandemic situation, these phenomena have gained more popularity due to the social and environmental issues this is because people crave interaction more than on normal days.


Long story short, to keep your brand or business, you need to follow these trends by staying on top.