Snapchat has explained how and why different people use social media networks differently

Why do people even open a social networking app? To stay connected with friends and family. People are so addicted to switching from one app to another that they don’t even realize how much time they spend on this habit. On the contrary, some people just like being informed of what is happening around them. A lot of content on social media is news based which such people can enjoy watching.

1.All about the survey itself

Snapchat took part in a survey with a research conducting organization called Murphy Research. This was aimed to understand better what different apps makes people feel. This also helped to get to know how different apps drive us to use them in the first place. This survey was done with people between the age of eighteen and forty-four. It provided insight on the way we look up to social media networking apps and the results were crazy. The era we are living in, is the one which is greatly impacted with social media apps. According to a report, Murphy researchers revealed that users use different apps according to their mood and mainly depending on what they are willing to do. Snapchat and Twitter are the most popular social networking apps people tend to look forward to when it comes to socializing and shopping. On the other hand, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are used when the user is willing to be less active. When talking about the use of Snapchat it should be known that Snapchat is most likely used when the user is willing to socialize on the go and also when they are looking for forward to shop spontaneously. This can be a very beneficial opportunity for reaching brands.

2.What do different apps make us feel

Different social media apps make feel differently. For example, every app will bring another mood to you, such as Snapchat will make you feel silly, creative, attractive and flirtatious. These attributes are exactly what we are feeling when we are in the middle of using Snapchat. On the other hand, when you use Twitter you will experience different moods, most of which are actually more towards the negative side. You are most likely to feel isolated and depressed. In addition, some people tend to feel inspired when they use Twitter. Instagram and YouTube also feel inspired while they use the above mentioned platforms. Coming towards Facebook, the most felt mood using this platform would definitely be overwhelming. At the same time, Facebook users have complained about getting more negative feelings than the positive ones when they use Facebook.

Ariana Battle from the snapchat team stated that the more number of apps become part of our lives, the more you should be aware of the impact they are having in your everyday life. When you know the the role of different social media apps in your life, it is easier for you to make decisions accordingly.