How to Post a Link on Instagram?

Posting links on Instagram has enabled for many companies and websites to drive traffic to their links. Instagram is one of the leading social media networks in terms of users, and this has enabled the successful use of links. Adding a link to your story, bio, post, etc. can give a huge boost in terms of followers by increasing traffic to your blog, website or sale item, anything you want to draw attention towards. There are several ways of posting links on Instagram.

1. Add a link to your Bio

One of the most central and best places that you can add a link is on your Bio. Anyone visiting your profile can click this ‘clickable’ link. This strategy can be used in several ways, two of which are; linking to the mobile website directly, or update the Bio link regularly to take the users to the posts.

2. Use link service to add multiple links

There are several link services available that you can use with your Instagram. These were very popularly when Instagram began, and although they are not as popular today, these are still used widely. These services will provide you with clickable buttons from which you can choose the one that best matches the style and colors of your photos or videos, or story. There are other such services as well that look more like the usual Instagram experience in the format of a photo grid instead of using buttons. To do this effectively, you need first to ensure that the service works with a range of mobiles and that the links are not dysfunctional.

3. Use short links in or use instructions to get to the landing page in the post captions

Instagram does not allow users to post links in the captions, but they are still very useful in drawing traffic to your site. You can use these captions to provide extracts to your site or use hashtags. To use short links, it is best to make use of link shortening services to make them easy to remember. You also should make the links obvious, wherever you wish to add them.

4. Use swipe-up links in your stories

Using links in stories is an effective strategy for time-sensitive or new links. When posting links in the story, you can save these using the swipe-up links in the highlights section. A key factor to remember when posting links in stories is that these are short, and in this short time, you need to make the call to action clearly. A problem however, is that story links are strictly controlled and only once you have over 10 000 followers or have a verified account can you use this feature. To increase the influence of your links, you can always team up with another influencer or brand and thereby increase active links.

5. Pay a small amount and add to both posts and stories

Instagram requires users to pay to be able to post in the captions of posts. When using posts in this way, you also need to be careful that the link is relevant to your post.

6. Share links on direct messages on Instagram

Using direct messages or DMs is very useful for brands, and they must keep up with customer questions and requests. Engage with the customers as much as possible and give them the individual attention that many do not expect. This personalized technique has proven to be effective. Here, in the quick and often standard messages, you can add links

7. Add links in the LGTV descriptions

In the descriptions of your LGTV videos, including links, can be a good idea. The description can be accessed by clicking the arrow icon, which means that users have to open the description first to access the link. You should thus mention it in the video to guide the users to it.
Adding links on Instagram, although more limited than on most other networks, is still possible and has proven to be an excellent strategy to increase traffic to sites. Getting maximum likes and followers are something everyone aspires to but what most businesses or individuals aim towards is increasing traffic to their links. Posting links on Instagram makes this a lot easier.