How To Get A Physician Job in UAE?

Physicians are the most sought-after professionals in the UAE. They have lucrative physician salary packages and they’re not just limited to hospitals but on demand by the public as well as private sector clinics, medical centres even for visiting doctors. You can choose from so many options according to your talent and expertise. Once you get a job in UAE as a physician, you can stay here as long as you can contribute to the growth of this country.

According to many international medical recruiting agencies, UAE’s healthcare system is growing at a faster rate than any other industry because of its rapid economic development and investment opportunities and the low tax rates in comparison with other countries. Now it is counted among those nations having a high-income economy and providing all world-class amenities to residents and visitors alike.

So what do you need to know about getting a job as a physician in the UAE? Let us take that one step at a time.

1. Education

You must study medicine to get a physician job in UAE

You must study medicine from an institute recognized by the Dubai government regardless of your diploma/degree is from the UK, US, Australia, or India. There are medical colleges in the UAE that provide courses recognized by the UAE Medical & Dental Council. So it will be wise to have the whole list of the institutions before you apply. If your institute is not approved, you’ll have to complete all the requirements again from a government-approved college after moving there.

2. Work Experience

To get a physician job in UAE you must have a work experience

You must have completed one year of compulsory internship or house job in your home country after passing out from the final exam of MBBS/BDS (A recognized qualification) with no objection certificate issued by your local Medical Council authority. The certificate should cover all branches (IMGs).

3. Language Proficiency

One of the important factor in getting a job in UAE is language proficiency

To get a resident permit and later work in hospitals in UAE, you must prove that you’re capable of speaking in English. According to UAE immigration, you can get a visa after showing that you have an overall score of 70% in TOEFL or 6.5 in IELTS. Then your employer will sponsor your residence visa which is usually valid for one year initially and it can be renewed every year upon review of your performance during the last twelve months.

4. Residence Visa

To get a physician job in UAE you must have residence visa

You must work with well-reputed companies only for this purpose because they not only take care of all formalities related to getting your resident permit but also extend all possible support to make living in UAE smooth for you throughout the stay period. They will provide a job offer letter, employment contract, sponsorship letter along with the medical license approval letter from Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

5. License

License from Dubai Health Authority

Once you get the resident permit, you’ll need to obtain a license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for practicing medicine. You should arrange for this as early as possible because there are limited opportunities available now and it is expected that demand will increase in the next few years with an increasing number of hospitals and medical centres providing international standard health care services to UAE residents. DHA licensing is mandatory for all physicians who want to practice modern medicine in any hospital/medical centre/clinic/pharmacy, etc.

Hope that this article will help you! Stay updated for more helpful information.