How to create a Video Promotional Strategy for YouTube

If getting a lot of views on YouTube is your goal, then you need to promote your YouTube link, in as many places as possible, as quickly as possible. When you consider that a staggering 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, every minute, then you can appreciate that YouTube looks for videos that attract a lot of “eyeballs” within the first 24-48 hours of being uploaded.

Due to the sheer quantity of videos YouTube receives there are a lot of, well, not so great videos.  YouTube is always on the lookout for great quality videos that they can showcase to visitors by placing them on their “Recommended” list.  They judge this by looking out for new videos that generate a big spike in viewership.  These lucky videos get preferential VIP list placement.  If your goal is to get a lot of people to view your video, then this is the list you want to be on.

It’s critical to plan how you will undertake your YouTube video marketing, in order to get your video watched and gets more subscribers, by as many people as possible.  You can buy YouTube likes and subscribers to make this process speedy. This is simply because the popularity of your video (which is the number of views) is a crucial factor in how well your video will rank in search results. This reinforces the importance of having your whole video promotional strategy ready to go, before uploading your video on YouTube.

YouTube Video Marketing Strategies

Before you launch you video, start preparing the following:

  • Getting other industry blogs and online directories to promote the YouTube link or embed the video into their sites (let them know what it’s about and why they’d be interested).
  • Promoting the link to your own social media followers such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Slideshare, Pinterest and Instagram.  And encouraging them to share or “like”.
  • Producing a press release and distributing online. Make sure you put your video on the home page of you website to increase views and rankings in Google (but avoid having it on your website too many times, as Google will penalize you, unless you change the title and keywords).
  • Promoting your new video to your database/customers through an email campaign.
  • Embedding the video on your blog.
  • Using images from the video on your website, with keywords that mention your video, so that Google Images will index them.
  • Making sure your comments are enabled to encourage user engagement, hopefully the comments will include variations of your keywords to help lift your ranking.
  • Enabling social sharing icons on your website to encourage sharing of your video.
  • Allow viewers to access embed code easily, so that they can embed your video on their Facebook page, blog etc.
  • Encouraging your staff to send out the video link to their clients and friends through social media.

Too often, companies spend money to produce the video, forgetting (or not even realizing) how much time and effort is required to promote your video. By making sure you utilize some of these tactics, as soon as you’ve got your video uploaded, you will ensure that you increase the flow of traffic to your YouTube channel.