How Does A Vegetable Peeler Can Save Your Time & Money?

Vegetable peeler is a tool for kitchen. It is designed with the purpose of removing the peels (skin) from different vegetables. It just removes the upper layer, not the flesh layer of vegetable which is actually a part that is rich in nutrients.

Vegetable peelers are being reinvented constantly. With the peeler you peel off the skins of vegetables in just a matter of seconds. It doesn’t mean that the other person with the same peeler will also be able to remove the peels in such a short time. Maybe that vegetable peeler is not meant for their hands and they can even throw it away with frustration after having two to three strokes into the work. This means that vegetable peeler is quite a personal thing.

One problem about peeler is that, when you got to buy it you will never know that how much comfortable grip it has in your hands and how it works until you bring it home and actually use it.

Types of vegetable peelers:

Vegetable peelers have three main categories i.e.

  1. Straight peelers:

The blade of the straight peeler is parallel to the handle. It usually resembles to knife. The blade of such peeler may be fixed or pivoting. Some of these contains two slits or have a wooden handle that is wrapped in strings.

  1. Swivel peelers:

This kind of peeler has a blade that is mounted on the pivot. The blade has self-adjusted angle when we apply the pressure on it and it also increases the ease of use of it.

  1. Y peelers:

Y peelers are also known as half-moon shaped peelers. Its blade is perpendicular to its handle. Its design usually resembles to safety razor. Most of the chefs uses Y peelers to remove the skin of vegetables.

Vegetable peeler saves time:

If you are able to find the perfect peeler for your hand, then it will be very useful. With the help of it, you are able to peel off the skins of vegetable in a very short time and then you will be able to cook the food.

If we use other tools for the peel removal then there are chances that we also remove the flesh layer of vegetable, more strokes will create, and we can even cut our finger with it. Other than wasting time with other tools and creating a mess, it is better to use vegetable peeler which actually saves your time.