6 Tourist destinations in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is the capital Of Georgia. At the time of civil War, it is a military base due to which it has developed in very early stages. These days, Atlanta becomes a great economic and business hub. International companies like CNN and Coca-Cola had developed there headquarters in Atlanta. It is not a romantic type place but have many attractive places like sports art gallery, historic areas and museums.

  • Georgia Aquarium

From the best places of the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium is the best place to visit with the family, friends as well with kids. Under water life and other very attractive activities are the main reason of the attention of the tourists. It is the world’s biggest Aquarium, containing more than 2 lac underwater creatures. Aquatic creature includes a mighty whales, sea snakes, rare alligators and sea lions too. This aquarium also have one acrylic tunnel through which a visitors can be able to see the different aquatic creatures swimming all over there.

  • Atlanta History center

The history center of an Atlanta is the large aggregation of different firms. It is the museum and also a research center. It is Located at a buckhead district in Atlanta. Its area spreads over 33 acres. It is a famous visiting place due its historic importance and an exhibitions held there.

·     Oakland Cemetery

The Oakland cemetery has a great historical importance, its area in the beginning is declared only six acres while after the civil war its area had been increased to 88 acres. In 1976 this area is declared as a National historic place. Now a days this place is announced as a historic cemetery. There are various sculptors and gardens that are the main cause for the visitors to visit this place. Several wild animals are also hosted here that increase the beauty of a place. Museum shops are also opened here.

  • Natural history Museum

Fernbank Museum of natural history is one of the famous places at Atlanta that attracts the maximum no of tourists. This museum illustrate the historic beauty of nature with the modern aids It conducts different exhibitions and natural programming related to natural history that attracts the tourists. There are the several discourse skeletons and sculptors in a big Hall. The local exhibitions are also located in that museum. The separate gallery is allocated for the reason of different advertisement for new products and films related to nature history.

  • Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain Park is one of the most visited place in Atlanta. It is famous due to a granite mass located exactly in the center of a park. The height of that stone is about 863-feet. The source of enjoyment is not only the scene of stone but also climbing a stone using a cable car.

  • Movie sets

Atlanta is a place where the superhero movies and other famous movies are captured in a cameras. Visiting these sites are the main aim of the tourists to the Atlanta. The sets of several superhero movies like Captain America Spider man etc. are captured here. That’s because Atlanta is very famous for its beauty.