6 secret Spotify features you should know about.

Millions of people are using different music streaming services and Spotify being the most favorite and the reason is its friendly user interface. It gives remarkable features both in premium and free version. We will tell you about the top 6 features of Spotify that will want you to fell in love with Spotify again.

Weekly playlist discover

Spotify has now solved the problems of many users by providing weekly discover playlist automatic saving feature and it is one of the most favorite features of all. It is frustration while you want to search again for something that you have discovered last Monday, but it has gone, poof! Spotify delivers 30 songs each Monday according to my choice which makes it difficult for the Spotify follower to discover weekly playlist.

Private control

Everyone wants to have private control over their playlist plays they want for marketing purpose. Usually Spotify discovers new songs thinking that I might like it or according to my previous song plays. But what if I want to listen to Whitney Houston but I don’t want to listen to Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. You need to go to your settings, click social, and then toggle on the private session. This will not only save you from unwanted music but is a safer way to deal with when you hand your phone to your kids.

Recover playlist

It has now become easy with Spotify to recover your playlist. If you have accidentally deleted a playlist or you regret deleting one, not to worry about it. Go to Spotify’s web client. For recovering playlist first sign in to your account and click on the left panel on the recovery playlist. Click on restore and voila! It will be restored to all the apps and your devices again.

Search by your voice

Spotify gives you the fastest way to search your choice using your voice. Isn’t it amazing just like Siri, you can use your voice to get the results in seconds? You can play a song, artists, album or anything related you like. Press the search button for long and ask Spotify for what you would like. Fastest way to play songs.

View information

It’s now easy to know more about any artist or song you want to know more about. If you are listening to a song for the first time and you want to know about the artist and listen more of its music, tap on the triple-dot button from the now playing screen, scroll down and click on view album or view artist. You will get all the information about it.

Smart search

You still search for music by the name of the song or the artist. When you use Spotify on daily basics it becomes tiring to search with the old way. But you can now upgrade to a smart search where you find music easier. For example you can find songs by searching with year or labels or genres of the music.