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Central Texas Powershell Users Group

Powershell Users Group in Central Texas

crshnbrn 6 7 Join
Strasbourg PowerShell User Group

Strasbourg PowerShell User Group

stephanevg 25 Request membership
Basel PowerShell User Group

Basel PowerShell User Group

stephanevg 23 Request membership
New Jersey PowerShell User Group

New Jersey PowerShell Users Group

jlangdon 3 Join
Pac IT Pros - PowerShell - Silicon Valley

Pac IT Pros - PowerShell - Silicon Valley

Anonymous Join
Pac IT Pros - PowerShell - San Francisco

Pac IT Pros - PowerShell - San Francisco

Anonymous 2 Join
Pac IT Pros - PowerShell - Sacramento

Pac IT Pros - PowerShell - Sacramento

Anonymous 2 Join
Grand Rapids PowerShell Group

Anything And Everything PowerShell

PowerShellSith 2 Join
Charleston PowerShell User Group

People who are trying to broaden there horizons on powershell.

Anonymous 1 Join
Calgary PowerShell User Group

A local community of PowerShell enthusiasts in the Calgary (Canada) area

Anonymous 2 Join
Deutschsprachige PowerShell Community

PowerShell gemeinschaft für alle die deutsch Sprechen.

Peter-Kriegel 3 Join
Sydney PowerShell User Group

A group for the all the Admins in Sydney, that are just discovering the power of the shell!

Anonymous 3 Join
Japan PowerShell User Group (JPPOSH)

PowerShell User Group in Japan (日本PowerShellユーザーグループ)

guitarrapc_tech 4 4 Join

Windows PowerShell user group in Portland, OR

Anonymous 1 Request membership
RTP PowerShell Users Group

Raleigh-Durham area users group for PowerShell enthusiasts

Anonymous 1 Request membership
German PowerShell User Group

German PowerShell User Group

admin 1 Closed
Northern Virginia PowerShell User Group

A PowerShell User Group in Northern Virginia for new and advanced users

Anonymous 1 5 Join
Nashville PowerShell User Group

This group is for PowerShell enthusiasts that want to improve their scripting abilities.

Anonymous 1 Join
Local Powershell Group - UAE

Local Powershell Group - UAE

Anonymous 86 Join
Mississippi PowerShell User Group


Anonymous Closed
Dutch PowerShell User Group


Anonymous 9 Join
Philadelphia PowerShell User Group

PowerShell User Group serving Greater Philadelphia (PhillyPoSH)

Anonymous 13 2 Join
Eastern Shore Maryland PowerShell User Group

New users and experienced users getting together to share knowledge

Anonymous 84 Join
PowerShell Bangalore User Group (PSBUG)

PowerShell User (Dev/ITPro) user group from Bangalore area, India

Anonymous 1 86 Join
NorCal PowerShell User Group

PowerShell User Group serving all Northern California

Anonymous 1 Join
Louisville PowerShell User Group

Catering to the PowerShell community in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana area.

Anonymous 1 Request membership
Seattle Script Club

The Seattle chapter of the PowerShell Script Club

Anonymous 5 87 Join
San Antonio PowerShell Users Group

San Antonio Powershell Users Group

Anonymous 86 Join
Montreal PowerShell User Group

Powershell User Group

Anonymous Request membership
Egypt PowerShell User Group

PowerShell User Group for all PowerShell enthusiasts in Egypt.

Anonymous Request membership

A tri-state area user group for all things PowerShell

Anonymous 4 Join
Sweden PowerShell User Group

IT Pro Admins and others that like to use powershell

Anonymous Request membership
Madison PowerShell User Group

A user group for PowerShell users in the greater Madison, WI area.

Anonymous 1 Closed
Danish PowerShell User Group

Spreading the PowerShell Gospel

Anonymous 83 Join
Charlotte PowerShell Users Group

Charlotte-based PowerShell community for IT admins and developers

Anonymous 16 91 Join
Houston Powershell User's Group

Forum to network with Microsoft Systems Administrators who want to learn more about PowerShell and it's uses.

Anonymous 92 Join
New Delhi

Powershell user group based in New Delhi

Anonymous 1 Request membership
MTUG Script Club

MTUG Script Club is a sub-ordinate to the Microsoft Technology User Group in Norway with a main focus on Windows PowerShell

Anonymous 3 81 Join
Pittsburgh PowerShell Users Group

The Pittsburgh PowerShell User Group is looking for people in the Pittsburgh area interested in learning and discussing powershell.

Anonymous 5 86 Join
Dallas/Fort Worth Powershell User Group

Powershell user group for Dallas/Fort Worth and the north Texas area

Anonymous 21 2 Join
PowerShell User Group Leaders Group

Group for the users that run their local chapter's groups

admin 23 2 Request membership

Upstate NY PowerShell User Group

Anonymous 20 Request membership
Atlanta PowerShell User Group

PowerShell User Group supporting the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

Anonymous 11 102 Join
Corpus Christi PowerShell User Group

South Texas PowerShell User Group

Anonymous 10 80 Join
Singapore Powershell User Group

Powershell User Group for those in Singapore and South East Asia

Anonymous 5 90 Join
Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul

Anonymous Closed
Indianapolis PowerShell Users Group

Open group for anyone interested in PowerShell

Anonymous 1 Closed
Arizona PowerShell User Group (AZPOSH)

Arizona PowerShell User Group (AZPOSH)

admin 3 1 Closed
New York City

Powershell User Group for people who live in and near New York City

toenuff 26 120 Join
UK PowerShell User Group

A group for all PowerShell users in the United Kingdom

Anonymous 5 108 Join
Michigan PowerShell User Group

Michigan PowerShell User Group

Anonymous Request membership
Central Ohio PowerShell Users Group

Support group for PowerShell users, scripters, and developers in the central Ohio area.

Anonymous 12 91 Join
Greater Milwaukee Script Club

An informal community where one can start learning PowerShell, get help with existing scripts, and further their capabilities through PowerShell.

Anonymous 81 Join
Tampa PowerShell User Group

A forum for education and to facilitate networking of PowerShell users.

Anonymous 8 89 Join
Florida PowerShell User Group

Florida PowerShell User Group

Anonymous Closed
Ottawa PowerShell Script Club

A script club where you can get help with your PowerShell scripts and learn about PowerShell in general

Anonymous 91 Join
Virtual PowerShell Group

The IRC Virtual PowerShell Group

Anonymous 32 145 Join
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