NYC PowerShell User Group 1/13/14 - Doug Finke - AST

Join us for the first meeting of the new year and the last meeting in the Microsoft office on 6th ave (we're moving to Times Square next month)
PowerShell Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)
Writing PowerShell scripts is powerful and productive. Building tools for PowerShell to extract and manipulate the script itself can make you more productive.
In this talk, author of “PowerShell for Developers” and 5 time PowerShell MVP will take a tour of the Windows PowerShell parser and AST (abstract syntax tree) showing you how it can be used to make your job easier and ways to create tools to make you more productive.
Doug Finke
Doug Finke is author of “PowerShell for Developers” and 5 time recipient of Microsoft’s PowerShell MVP award. He is a Microsoft software developer in New York City and writes, speaks and does trainings on PowerShell.
Catch up with Doug on his blog , Twitter and GitHub, where he publishes his latest ideas for PowerShell scripts.

Pizza is being sponsored by SAPIEN, Makers of PowerShell Studio (formerly Primal Forms) and Primal Script

  • 6pm - 6:20- Catch up and pizza - UG news and Lightning Rounds
  • 6:20 - 8ish - Doug Finke - AST
  • 8ish pm - Drinks at Ted's

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The meeting will be held, as usual, at the Microsoft offices on 6th Ave:
1290 Avenue of the Americas, Sixth Floor New York, NY 10104
Free giveaways as usual!

Meeting Date: 
Monday, January 13, 2014 - 18:00 - Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 20:00


1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th floor
New York
United States