NYC PowerShell User Group 10/14 - Steven Murawski - DevOps at Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange

Hot meeting in October!  Steve Murawski is in town, and he will be giving us some amazing insight into how his company, Stack Exchange, is automating their massive plant of Linux and Windows servers.
Topic: DevOps At Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange
Speaker: Steven Murawski, MVP Recipient, PowerShell, Stack Overflow

Your guide in this session is Steven Murawski, sysadmin for Stack Exchange, hosts of the Q&A site most developers are familiar with Stack Overflow. Steven will share his experience working with developers inside Stack Exchange and contrast that with an other traditional environments. We'll take a peek at some of the tooling used to make Stack Overflow a high performing site. And we'll see an environment where: - developers can push new code to production with a minimum of fuss. - the environment is instrumented and a view is available for developers and sysadmins. - servers can be pulled out of rotation at a moments notice for patching and other maintenance. - new physical web servers can be in production in under 3 hours (if hardware was available and racked). If this sounds different from other environments you've worked in, or you are thinking, "How can I get me some of that?", join Steven for a whirlwind tour through a real-world DevOps environment.

Pizza is being sponsored by SAPIEN, Makers of PowerShell Studio (formerly Primal Forms) and Primal Script

  • 5:30pm - 6pm - Catch up and pizza
  • 6:00pm - 8ish - UG Meeting
  • 8ish pm - Drinks at Ted's

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The meeting will be held, as usual, at the Microsoft offices on 6th Ave:
1290 Avenue of the Americas, Sixth Floor New York, NY 10104
Free giveaways as usual!

Meeting Date: 
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 17:30 - 20:00


1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th floor
New York, NY 10104
United States