January 2nd: Desired State Configuration - with Steven Murawski

On JANUARY 2nd at 7PM EASTERN Steven Murawski will be presenting on the biggest new feature of PowerShell 4.0 and Windows Server 2012 R2: Desired State Configuration.
Steven is a SysAdmin on the Site Reliability Engineering team for Stack Exchange (operators of great Q&A sites like Server Fault and Stack Overflow)  and a Microsoft MVP in PowerShell.  Steven is a co-host of the Ops All The Things podcast.
Steven also leads two local user groups, the Greater Milwaukee IT Pro User Community and the Greater Milwaukee Script Club. He speaks regularly to local user groups and can be found at various conferences.
He is recognized among the PowerShell community as one of the foremost experts on Desired State Configuration, and his expertise in real-world use was sought even by by the PowerShell team during the last MVP summit.  He's also the primary committer on the GitHub DSC Resources project.
Desired State Configuration offers a lifeline to those of us who are forging our way through data centers with racks of snowflake servers, those servers whose configurations are lovingly hand crafted by proud sysadmins.  While we stand proud on those "works of art", other sysadmins curse our names when troubleshooting applications that behave differently on servers that are intended to be the same.  Those same sysadmins tremble in fear of ever having to re-create those undocumented, intricate environments.  DSC promises to deliver us from this chaos and bring our configurations forward into a well documented, version-able artifact.  
DSC has several moving parts that can be daunting at first glance.  Join me in exploring the structure of Desired State Configuration and the in-box and custom resources required to drive it.
The Live Stream will be via Google+ or Lync and will start at 7PM on January 2nd
Just click here: http://powershellgroup.org/virtual/live

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 19:00 - 21:00


Virtual Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5)
United States