NYC User Group - Where are we? A plea from Tome

As many of you know, Last year I continually solicited for help from the group to take care of the monthly adminsitrative details.  However, due to some life things this year, it has become even harder to stay on top of this.  So much so that we have missed the first 3 meetings of the season.  If no one steps forward to take over these duties, I'm afraid I'm going to have to try and have us meet much less frequently.
Once a month:

  1. Coordinate with me via e-mail or a quick phone chat regarding speakers and upcoming speakers.
  2. Every month set up the eventbrite or meetup page.
  3. Update
  4. Set up a mailchimp campaign to notify members about the meeting 2 weeks ahead of the meeting.
  5. Resend the mailchimp campaign the day of the meeting
  6. Cooridnate with SAPIEN (our monthly sponsor) to ensure that the pizza is ordered before the meeting
  7. Send the attendee list to Microsoft

That is everything.  I am happy to continue to work on the following:

  1. getting us giveaways and sponsors.  
  2. Coordinating in-town and out-of-town speakers
  3. Speak to the group at least 3 times a  year or any time we don't have any other speakers lined up.

Finally, due to some changes in Microsoft, there is less of a desire from the planning committee for Techstravaganza to make it happen this year.  Actually, it's pretty much a no-go at this point. I am trying to pull it together for NYC this year, but I really need help.  If you can commit to the monthly duties, we can chat together about what it would take to pull Techstravaganza together still.  I really need help in order to make this happen in 2015.  Please!
Tome Tanasovski, your founder and leader who really needs your help
powershellnyc [at] gmail