NYC PUG Plea answered! We're BACK! Yearlong Residency for PowerShell fundamentals and more!

I just wanted to publicly thank Doug Finke and Sunny Chakraborty.  Doug bought me a nice lunch and injected me with excitement.  Both of them are working with me to figure out how to maintain steam on invites, blog posts, and communications for the group.  We all owe them a great deal (buy them a drink!)
Additionally, I have committed to a year of free training for anyone who joins us.  Basically, I have a training course that I do and I will be providing a module from the training to start off every meeting.  Whether you are new to PowerShell and could use the help or a veteran looking to polish their knowledge and skills with a refresher, there should be something for everyone for the first 30-45 minutes of every meeting.

  • Concept of Objects - May 11
  • PowerShell Language Fundamentals
  • String Manipulation
  • Scripts and Functions
  • Outputting Data / Viewing Data
  • File Management
  • Handling Dates and Times
  • .NET interoperability
  • Remote Script Execution

The above is the intro modules.  We'll be doing advanced modules after that.
The meeting invite for Monday, May 11th will be coming shortly.  We'll be doing Objects.  Oh, and it's my birthday so feel free to buy me a drink after the meeting (actually during the meeting will be fine too) :)
Thank you,
Tome Tanasovski