May 15th: PowerShell Basics: Pipeline Tactics

Continuing our series on PowerShell basics, in May we will tackle the PowerShell Pipeline. 
There's almost nothing more basic to a command-line shell than the piping of outputs from one command to the inputs of other commands, but in PowerShell the pipeline consists of objects, not text, and this brings with it great flexibility and power, along with complications for performance and function design.  This presentation by PowerShell MVP Joel Bennett will introduce you to the PowerShell pipeline, the passing of objects, and parameter binding. He will show you how to trace or debug parameter binding in PowerShell, how to tell which parameters of a cmdlet accept pipeline input, and how and when to use ForEach-Object and Where-Object.

  • 6:00PM - Pizza and Networking
  • 6:30PM - Presentation
  • 7:15PM - Script Club (and giveaways)

I hope you'll join us (virtually or in person), and if you can come in person, please do come ahead of time and have some Pizza with us
Please "sign up" below if you can make it for Pizza (there's no need to sign up otherwise). 
The LiveMeeting recording is available, sadly, I think we lost audio in the last few minutes when my laptop ran out of juice and hybernated.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 18:00 - 20:30


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