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I just moved down to Charleston South Carolina and wanted to get in a powershell group to get more of an understand of it and to learn off of others.  When I looked on the site I saw that there was no group meeting in Charleston, so I wanted to see if I could start my own group here in Charleston.  I still go to college and have a year or so left until I graduate, but will still be staying in the area.  There are alot of opportunties here in Charleston since the IT growth has grown tremendous.  If all goes plan and this gets approved I will then start looking for a place that will allow me to hold the meetings there and also I will get the word out and start planning my next moves from there.  Thank you for your time.

Meeting Time: 
To Be Determined


Charleston, SC
United States
32° 46' 35.31" N, 79° 55' 51.7836" W
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